Give peace a chance

Hatred, war, abuse….it all exists and it exists because of us. Whether you are the one actively engaged in the act or you are spending hours watching it, debating it or thinking about it – you are contributing to it.

Thoughts become things. By watching, debating or consuming your thoughts on negative events, you are activating a negative vibration within you. This negative vibration only creates more of what you don’t want.

Instead, imagine the world how you want it to be- and as if it is already happening.

Children are safe, people are free, happiness and peace are abundant, and there is harmony on earth.

“Give peace a chance” -John Lennon



Gratitude. You’ve seen it posted on social media about a thousand times. Heard it from the mouths of spiritual gurus alike. Heck, you might have even spoken it yourself. Statements such as “I should be grateful for my job. Some people don’t have one.” – “I should be grateful for the car I drive. Some people can’t even afford one“. Or “I should be happy he/she is with me. There are worse people out there…

Since when did gratitude mean settling for less?

Gratitude, by definition, is acknowledgement of having received something good; thankful.

Wanting more doesn’t mean you are ungrateful. It means owning up to the fact that you control your life and you have the power to manifest what you want. Don’t live small. Embrace your God-given power of living a life that you’re passionate about.

Mantra: “I am grateful for all that I have and all that I have yet to manifest” #AttitudeOfGratitude

Things grow where your focus goes

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“Our thoughts become things” ~ Mike Dooley It’s true!

Too often we spend time focusing on all the things we don’t want, rather than focusing on what we do want. Then we look around, scratch our heads in bewilderment, and ask why we keep getting more of what we are trying to avoid.

Been there, done that – far too often than I care to admit. Here’s a simple tip that can help shift your manifesting powers for the better. Take a few minutes every morning to re-focus your lens and imagine the outcomes you want, as if you already have them.

Taste it. Feel it. See it. Believe it.

Things will grow where your focus goes ~ M.R xo

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Everything is as it should be

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There was a moment before time where we conspired with the universe to create a divinely orchestrated plan to live this human life. We were given the power to create a life we wanted and the power to choose challenges and adversities that would help our souls to grow. Trust that everything is as it should be…


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To thy own self be true…

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I love myself enough to…..

A powerful statement for what I put after that sets the stage for love – self love.

I love myself enough to….
Let go of what doesn’t serve me.
Embrace what is meant for me.
Set boundaries to protect me.
Forgive myself for leaving me.

I love myself enough to….
Hold on to “me” so tight that I never let anything or anyone come between me, myself and I.

To thy own self be true.

-M.R xo

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Let it go…with love

Michelle Risi:

You can’t let go of that which you hate ~ M.R xo

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“Let it go! Let it go!” Are you singing it yet?

If you’re like me, the song will be stuck in your head all day. (You’re welcome). 

Theme songs aside…. How many times have you heard or have been given the advice to “Let it go”. Whether it be anger, sadness, hurt or resentment – easier said than done, don’t you agree?

How exactly does one “Let it go”, when it feels so deeply woven through the fabric of our soul?

We all experience hurt, anger, resentment and prejudice. We equally experience love, joy, acceptance and compassion too.

In order to Let it go, we need to decide which thread we want to work with. You can not let go that which you hate (hurt, resent, anger etc). Giving your attention to those emotions only creates knots in that thread, thus giving it strength.

By choosing to work with…

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The one thing that most couples don’t agree on in the bedroom

What’s the one thing that most couples don’t agree on in the bedroom? (Besides that!) Yep, you guessed it. The TV!

The endless debates around the world between couples everywhere. (Ok, a tad dramatic, I know). It is however a nightly debate in my house, and in the homes of many people I know.

I do agree that there are times when having a TV in the bedroom is useful. I mean, nightly news broadcasts and hockey games are a great way to set the mood in the bedroom, no? (Hahaha). All sarcasm aside, while the TV debate is one that many people have, some argue that reading a book in bed is no different. (To which I reply, 50 Shades of Grey. Enough said.)

So I’m curious to hear from others. Do you have a TV in your bedroom and if so, has it ever been a cause for debate?