Creative Dabbler

I’m back! At least for today. It seems there is never enough time in the day to devote to all the things I love, writing being one of them.

As a Creative Dabbler (I prefer this term instead of Jack-of-all-trades. More fun and light-hearted, don’t you think?) I find that I love so many things that are creative and filled with opportunity for self-expression, and I sometimes wish I could just do them all at once. But I can’t. So I resolve to letting go and doing what I love in the moment that I feel like doing it. No pressure. Just joy.

When I feel like painting, I paint. When I feel like practicing guitar. I practice. When I feel like singing. I sing. When I feel like writing, I write. When I feel like meditating…..actually, I kind of don’t give myself a choice on this one. If I want to stay sane and grounded all day, I need to meditate. Especially with the busy mind I carry with me.

Today, I felt like writing. I just didn’t know about what. So, in keeping with my “no pressure, just joy” rule, I figured I would write and see what comes out. And here I am. Writing about being a creative dabbler who wishes she could have more time to dabble. And as I sit in my car waiting for my daughter to finish dance, I write. Just me, my thoughts and my phone. (I’ve pretty much written every blog post and quote from my phone. Excuse any typos or incorrect grammar because I really don’t edit what I write.)

I also wish I brought my meditation music, my guitar, a book.. *sigh* I know I only have 45 minutes but I like to be prepared in case inspiration hits.

The thought hits me; Could creative dabbling just be an excuse for not wanting to commit to just one thing? Hmmmm………..*puts down phone and thinks for a while*

Nope. I’m good with commitment. I think I just love too many things (is that even possible?). I want to feel joy and feel alive 24/7. So whatever I need to do in this moment (and the next….and the next) to feel connected to myself in the presence of love and joy, I will do. In this moment, it happens to be writing.

So that settles it. I am not a Creative Dabbler with commitment issues. I’m a Creative Dabbler who is committed to experiencing joy in every aspect of my life, all the time.

And I’m good with that.

Being human

Be kind, compassionate and loving.  Because that’s what this world needs.  It needs humans who will strive to be who they are, rather than who they are not.  Humans to love with all their heart and soul. Humans who will teach the next generation that life is what you make it, and everyone is perfectly flawed.  The world doesn’t need perfection.  The world needs humans, like you.

Connect to love to connect in love

You must be connected “to love” in order to be connected “in love”.

You connect “to” love when you fill your days and nights with things that bring you joy. Things that connect you to your true self, whatever that may be.

How can you truly connect to someone in love when you aren’t connected to yourself in love?

Something to ponder.



There is nothing you can tell about a persons life, simply by looking at a picture they post.

A picture is a snapshot. A mere second in time. What you don’t see is the moments (and sometimes the chaos) before and after. A crying child just before the family photo. Or the million and one selfies that were taken to get that “right one” to post. (Or in my case, a woman falling on her head after a perfect handstand shot!*grin* 😂)

Life is a series of snapshots. That is the whole truth.

Enjoy the moments, and embrace who you are. Life is not perfect, and neither are people. Live honestly, with love, kindness and peace. And don’t place meaning to something that is probably not true.


The night I meditated with my daughter

I have been meditating for a few years now, but only recently has it become a daily practice.  Early in the morning, I make my way down to my meditation room (Love my room! I converted a small space and filled it with candles, burning sage, healing stones and crystals and soft music) to wake up my senses and get started right.  I enjoy meditating in the morning, because it not only ensures I get it done, but it gives me a chance to focus and set an intention for the day, creating a tone that I want vs being reactive to whatever life throws at me.

Yesterday was a bit of a crazy morning, and so, instead of meditating in the morning, I snuck away after dinner (while everyone was busy doing their own thing), and figured I would try to sneak in a quick mediation (despite the kids stomping upstairs and the dog barking at every squirrel that passed by the window).

No sooner did I light the candles, when my 10 year old daughter came peeking through the door.  My children know I meditate and sometimes I will try to encourage them to meditate at night.  The answer is usually no, and so I don’t push it.  On this particular day though, I could see the curiosity in my daughters face.  I asked if she wanted to join me, and to my surprise, she happily said Yes!.

I set up a cozy spot for her to sit, and asked if she wanted to do anything in particular. (I believe there is no right or wrong way to meditate.) I showed her some chakra stones, explained what chakras were, gave her the option of music or no music etc.. She was very intrigued with the orange stone I had, and explained that it corresponded to the second chakra, the creative centre of our bodies.  She held the stone and we started to meditate.

As the music played in the background and the candle flickering in front of us, I glanced over to find her sitting so peacefully; eyes closed, stone in her hand and against her lower belly, breathing softly and deeply.  Her whole body looked relaxed and at peace.
After the meditation, she opened her eyes and hugged me.  (She liked it! She really liked it!)
Off she went, back to her homework, to emerge from the office 3 hours later with a handful of very creative and elaborate journal entries.  She is my mini-me, and has always enjoyed reading and writing, but this was different.  There was such a sense of pride in what she had written and a level of confidence in her creative capability that wasn’t there before.
Afraid to make a big issue out of it (for fear that she would shy away and never meditate again), I complimented her for completing her homework (as I would normally do), and I sent her upstairs to get ready for bed.
Tucking in her a little while later, she turned to me and excitedly shared that she was able to check off an item on her bucket list. (No, I did not know my daughter had a bucket list, but find it so adorably cute!).  When I asked her what it was, she said meditating. Then she asked if she could meditate with me again. (uh….yea!!!)
Filled with such love and gratitude for the deeper connection that was created that night. Watching her grow into the strong, beautiful and loving tween that she is today, has been such a gift.  Anyone who has children will be able to understand what the feeling is like to suddenly connect with your child on a level other than parent-child.  (Love.  Just love)
Oh, and a few other items on her ” bucket list”…. To try shrimp and visit L.A. (in no particular order). <3