Weaving Self-Discovery into Entrepreneurship

The journey to success is a transformative one. With over 20 years in real estate as the President of Royal LePage Connect Realty and the Founder/CEO of Aligned Academy, I'm not just a businesswoman—I'm an advocate for the power of self-discovery. Embracing this synergy, I empower entrepreneurs to align with their passions and purpose, leading them to both financial success and true fulfillment. By weaving self-discovery into entrepreneurship, you find the clarity and direction you need to create an extraordinary success story!

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I've spent the last 20+ years not only helping to grow one of the largest real estate franchises in Canada, but also guiding leaders and professionals from a variety of industries.

What most business owners have in common (and why they choose to start a business to begin with) is their dream & desire to create freedom, fulfillment and financial success!

Your business is the vehicle to do that.

I know what it's like to struggle with fear, and self-doubt. I know what it's like to hold yourself back, despite really wanting to succeed. Desire will only take part of the way. Self-discovery and alignment are the key to having what you want.

We all have a blueprint; our unique way of operating in the world. The more you discover what yours is, the more fulfillment and success you'll create.

Have a look through my self-discovery toolbox and get started on creating the life and business you've always wanted

The Real Estate Brokerage

There's no shortage of options when it comes to brokerages you can join. So what do we do differently?

We partner with our agents and brokers to ensure that we're growing together. Providing full service support, tools, coaching and mentorship - you have everything you need to create a thriving business.


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I’m finally working on a vision that is aligned with me. I spent years feeling stuck and contemplating whether I made the right choice to get into real estate. After working with Michelle I’m finally seeing results!


Brittany C.

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After 15+ years of the business, I can honestly say I have the highest respect for the company and brand. They are innovative, experienced and help you grow and develop. Michelle and her entire team truly care about your success as much as you do!


Zsuzanna P.

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You have helped put me on the path to success by helping me find a clear picture of how I can achieve my goals. With your help, I now feel like I am reaching my potential and creating a career that I can be proud of.


Azie P.