Horror film? I think not

The day is bright, the sun is shining…a perfect day for a peaceful nature walk. I’ve been inside my house in my bed for the last 2 days – trying to recoup from what feels like one of the worst sinus infections I’ve ever had. On the advice of a very good friend – I decided to grab my camera and go for a walk through the golf course. A chance to soak up some beautifully warm sunshine to lift my spirits. Stepping outside, I hear the birds chirping, the airplanes flying overhead, and the apples falling from my tree (literally almost landing on my head. Was quite funny to watch me dodge a few). It was a beautiful day by all accounts. Walking down the street, I give a passing waive to the neighbour…a little skip in my step. The mail carrier stops me, smiling and commenting on my camera and what a beautiful day it is to be out taking pictures. It literally could’ve been a scene from a movie. As I walk down the long windy path towards the golf course, I stop to snap a shot of the picturesque scene in front of me. “ahhhh” I sigh. ” What a great idea to get out of bed. I feel better already”. 😊 Happily walking along, camera in hand – the golfers stop to stare. At first I figured they were just amused by me walking through the golf course randomly snapping shots. As I walked further in towards the nature trail, I started questioning whether it was safe for me to walking alone. What if one of the golfers tried following me? <<insert long pause with a “dum-dum-dum” sound effect>> And there it started. The beginning of what could be a familiar scene in a horror flick.

I continue my walk, trying hard to ignore the many scenarios now racing through my head. But like most things…what you resist, persists. The thoughts seemed to flow like a rushing river. A scruffy looking man riding an RV slowly drives by me. A golf course employee, I’m sure. But what if he’s not? (Gasp) What if he is some crazy lunatic who drives around through the trails, capturing women and taking them away to some hide-out deep in the woods. (Oy. You can see where I’m going this, right?)

Taking a deep breath, I continue my walk. I look at the beautiful blue sky above, soaking in the warmth of the sun beating down on my skin, listening to the soft wind blow through the trees, the birds chirping, rustling and crackling noises coming from the deep brush beside me…. (Gasp) Surely the noises are from the wind. But they continue and with every step I take, I hear the crackling sound getting closer. I stop. Look around. I notice that I’m surrounded by tall corn-like husks towering me, a familiar scene from a Stephen King film. My mind starts racing, my heart starts pounding. What do I do? I take out my camera to snap a picture (because that’s what the crazy naïve girls do in the films, right?). After I take the picture, I start walking back towards the golf course. I get a few feet away from where I’m sure some wild coyote is lurking, or worse some psycho just waiting for an opportune moment to grab me…when a teeny tiny bunny hops out of the bush! Blush He bounces off before I could snap a picture, surely laughing at this paranoid blonde girl walking around with a camera, but I did get a picture of the tall bushes. The ones that I was so sure were a pathway to some dark side. As I sit here typing this, (obviously laughing to myself) I realize how many times I’ve let my imagination get the better of me. I’m not saying it was smart of me to walk through a nature trail alone – but I do acknowledge how much power I give to my imagination. Not everything is as it seems and sometimes, my mind is not my friend. Oh, and that scruffy man riding the RV…he was kind enough to warn me that I should stay off a particular path as I might get hit in the head with a golf ball. Horror film? I think not.



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