I AM….

What I put after those two words shapes both my reality and the one which you have of me.

I Am….kind, loving, open hearted, and trusting (sometimes that makes me naive, needy, emotional and overly sensitive)

I Am…a thinker, a romantic, a lover and a friend (sometimes that gets me into trouble…especially the thinking part)

I Am…a mother, a wife, a sister and a daughter (sometimes I’m not the best I can be…but I try)

I Am…smart, creative, intuitive, and expressive (sometimes I am insecure and doubt myself)

I Am…a singer, an artist, a writer and a dreamer (sometimes I’m quiet, so you might never know)

I don’t always love myself, and there are times I fall trap to comparison and self doubt. You might not agree with everything I say or do, and at times you might even nod your head in disbelief (heck, I do it all the time!) But…

I Am…perfectly and unequivocally, uniquely ME.



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