Dear younger self

If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in only two words?

Asking myself that question, I thought of a million things I would say, but the first thing that came to mind was “Enjoy Life”

There were so many times growing up that I held myself back and accepted less than what I deserved. So many times I chose to be responsible rather than just have fun. So many times I chose security and familiarity over adventure and experience.

I don’t regret anything, as I believe everything happens for a reason so that you can awaken and grow and find your true purpose in life. But if I could have learned one thing sooner, it would have been to enjoy life more.

Enjoy the freedom and fun of your youth. It seems like yesterday I was playing hide and seek, freeze tag and climbing trees. The days where you stayed out till sundown, getting every last minute of playtime in before your mom called you in for bedtime.

Enjoy the awkwardness of your teens. The times where hanging out at the mall and crushing on boys, were the excitement of the weekends. Where friendships blossomed and life suddenly felt complicated.

Enjoy the many moods of your twenties. Graduation, travel, career, break-ups, new loves and marriage…. Enjoy every new moment, new challenge, new direction.

Know, that everything changes and nothing lasts forever so don’t cling to anyone or anything. Simply enjoy what you have while you have it, trust yourself and have fun.

Dear younger self… Enjoy Life
MR xo



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