Chaos: Heart Wide Open

I came across this poem recently by Christopher Poindexter

“Our minds are full of things that our hearts do not understand. And that my love, is why the world is filled with so much chaos”

It got me thinking about how often I find myself amidst chaos. Confusion. That ever-telling struggle between the heart and the mind.

I’ve been known to wear my heart on my sleeve, so to speak. And I try, despite the vulnerability, to lead with my heart. But I couldn’t help question, after reading the poem, whether the “chaos” aka confusion, was the result of not listening to my head. Maybe I have it backwards?

Sometimes we want things despite all rational logic. Think about your younger days when you would fall for the “wrong” person, or find yourself knowing that you must leave but your heart won’t let it go. The chaos amidst trying to decide who is right. Your heart, or your brain?

Maybe it’s not about a love struggle for you. Maybe it’s a struggle in business. Where you want to feel empathetic towards someones situation but the best course of action for everyone is to let them go or re-assign that task to someone else.

Whatever the situation, the most difficult place to be is amidst the chaos of having to decide which one is right. Maybe it’s not about who’s right or wrong. Maybe we need the confusion; the struggle between the heart and the head.

After all, without chaos, nothing would evolve. And isn’t that the purpose of human existence? To evolve to higher beings, learn lessons and enjoy the journey no matter where it takes us? Life is too short. I say, lead with your heart, but take your brain with you. 😉



2 thoughts on “Chaos: Heart Wide Open

  1. The drawing is super cute! I agree. My dad always told me, “So you stepped in a cow pie; it’s how you clean your boot”. Shoes are made for stepping in things, and sometimes we step in some bad stuff, but it’s all about getting that boot to look good again is what counts.

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