Write your own story

Writing has brought me new insights not only in the realm of the literary world, but in my world as well.

I have become acutely aware of how I live my life- how I write my story. Every comma, every period, and every exclamation point makes a statement about what will happen next.

When a relationship ends, do you bring closure by putting a period or do you leave space for pain and suffering to continue by putting a comma?

When you’ve been touched by love, do you use an exclamation mark to signify importance or a period to shut it down?

We are the authors of our story. If you want change, growth and expansion – be aware of how you are writing. Place a period where things should end and a comma where you want to continue. And when something has impacted you, remember to finish it off with an exclamation mark so that everyone knows (including yourself) just how important that experience was.

Write your story and live it the way you have always dreamed.



The Peeing Mantra

My Musings

Peeing and mantra…not exactly two words you would have anything to do with one another, let alone in the same sentence. What is it exactly? Well, here’s how it came about.

A while back I was having a conversation with someone about some of the things we do that make us happy. We got talking about yoga and exercise, writing and mantras. She shared more with me about a mantra she had been working with. The peeing mantra. Needless to say she had my attention.

Mantras, generally speaking are groups of words that when spoken, are capable of creating some sort of transformation.
She went on to say that, one of the challenges people have is creating time to meditate and reflect. Being someone who leads a pretty busy life, I completely understand how hard it can be to carve out time for regular day-to-day stuff, let alone meditating and…

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A Shift – And Then the Search Is Over

Spiritual Awakening

A friend asked what is meant by “spiritual awakening.” I thought, good lord, that’s like trying to explain the taste of ice cream – or why the Beatles meant so much once. I decided to see if anyone had a decent description I could borrow. I researched a whole host of descriptions of mystical experiences: Kundalini awakening, psychic break, deep meditation, LSD, psilocybin, sweat lodges, the effects of following a guru. While I found exciting tales of dips into the mystic and powerful revelations, none described what I was seeking to answer my friend’s question.

Then I found a site that just nailed it. It was Bonnie Greenwell, Ph.D.’s site, awakeningguide.com.

Her description is simple, eloquent, and blessedly void of drama: “The experience of waking up is different than mystical events, and in fact has often been said to be no experience. It is a ground-level shift that occurs right…

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What stops you from achieving success?

The Real Estate Academy

It has been said that in order for us to achieve success, we must find that which stops us and give it a swift kick in the…. Ok, so maybe that’s not exactly how it goes – but you get the idea.  We all grow up with dreams, goals and aspirations and by all accounts we are all destined for great things.  So what stops us from getting there? 

Think about your business. You no doubt aspire to achieve goals- whether they be status related or income/production.  You are clear about what it is that you need to do every day in order to reach those goals.  But yet, at the end of every day, there is that one (or two) things that stops you dead in your tracks. What is it?

Fear is a big one.  How about distractions? Self-doubt? … (feel free to stop me any-time).  The truth…

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Is it true? Three magical words that will change how you think.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Change your thoughts, change your life” ? Easier said than done, right?

We know that having a positive mindset and joyful thoughts are the keys to accessing the abundance of whatever it is we desire; Success, love, happiness, health. But why is it so difficult to change our thoughts? Think about it. Have you ever been in the midst of an argument with your partner, friend or children? Your emotions have gotten the better of you and you are angry or hurt. How easy is it, in that moment, to decide to be happy? Its not. But it can be!

By understanding and bringing awareness to the fact that our minds are conditioned to respond to situations based on past experiences, we can bring forth new possibilities for how we can interpret our world. The key to changing our thoughts is to reprogram our conditioned mind so that we may offer a new set of beliefs for interpreting our world.

To quote The Work of Byron Katie, begin to ask yourself “Is it true?” These three magical words hold the power to reprogram how we think by questioning our conditioned mind. Next time you are confronted with a fear, thought or situation, instead of defaulting to your early programming, ask yourself “Is it true?” and watch a new life of thoughts emerge.