What stops you from achieving success?

The Real Estate Academy

It has been said that in order for us to achieve success, we must find that which stops us and give it a swift kick in the…. Ok, so maybe that’s not exactly how it goes – but you get the idea.  We all grow up with dreams, goals and aspirations and by all accounts we are all destined for great things.  So what stops us from getting there? 

Think about your business. You no doubt aspire to achieve goals- whether they be status related or income/production.  You are clear about what it is that you need to do every day in order to reach those goals.  But yet, at the end of every day, there is that one (or two) things that stops you dead in your tracks. What is it?

Fear is a big one.  How about distractions? Self-doubt? … (feel free to stop me any-time).  The truth…

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