Creative Dabbler

I’m back! At least for today. It seems there is never enough time in the day to devote to all the things I love, writing being one of them.

As a Creative Dabbler (I prefer this term instead of Jack-of-all-trades. More fun and light-hearted, don’t you think?) I find that I love so many things that are creative and filled with opportunity for self-expression, and I sometimes wish I could just do them all at once. But I can’t. So I resolve to letting go and doing what I love in the moment that I feel like doing it. No pressure. Just joy.

When I feel like painting, I paint. When I feel like practicing guitar. I practice. When I feel like singing. I sing. When I feel like writing, I write. When I feel like meditating…..actually, I kind of don’t give myself a choice on this one. If I want to stay sane and grounded all day, I need to meditate. Especially with the busy mind I carry with me.

Today, I felt like writing. I just didn’t know about what. So, in keeping with my “no pressure, just joy” rule, I figured I would write and see what comes out. And here I am. Writing about being a creative dabbler who wishes she could have more time to dabble. And as I sit in my car waiting for my daughter to finish dance, I write. Just me, my thoughts and my phone. (I’ve pretty much written every blog post and quote from my phone. Excuse any typos or incorrect grammar because I really don’t edit what I write.)

I also wish I brought my meditation music, my guitar, a book.. *sigh* I know I only have 45 minutes but I like to be prepared in case inspiration hits.

The thought hits me; Could creative dabbling just be an excuse for not wanting to commit to just one thing? Hmmmm………..*puts down phone and thinks for a while*

Nope. I’m good with commitment. I think I just love too many things (is that even possible?). I want to feel joy and feel alive 24/7. So whatever I need to do in this moment (and the next….and the next) to feel connected to myself in the presence of love and joy, I will do. In this moment, it happens to be writing.

So that settles it. I am not a Creative Dabbler with commitment issues. I’m a Creative Dabbler who is committed to experiencing joy in every aspect of my life, all the time.

And I’m good with that.


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