I have no special talents – I am only passionately curious ~ Einstein

| Real Estate Broker/Manager | Educator | Philanthropist | Public Speaker  | Director,  PKD Foundation of Canada | Capital Campaign Co-Chair for HTS “Shaped by Experience” | Writer | Artist | Creator of The Fabric of our Soul | Fulfilled mom and wife | Creative Dabbler | Strategic Consultant |

“Helping you is what I do!” is more than a tag line. It’s my brand promise


Blogs:  http://www.michellerisi.com | http://www.realestateacademy.wordpress.com

Muse: http://www.TheFabricOfOurSoul.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheFabricOfOurSoul
Instagram: @thefabricofoursoul Twitter: @fabricofoursoul

Business: http://www.yourcommunityrealty.com

Philanthropy: http://www.endpkd.ca/about-us/board-of-directors | http://www.hts.on.ca/page/support-hts/shaped-by-experience-campaign | http://www.merkphotography.com/#/pog-2015




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