RECIPE: Gluten-free/nut-free Granola

In my recent attempts to balance my hormones and introduce creative food alternatives, I made a home-made granola and it was DELISH! And, its kid approved! Recipe from my Holistic Nutritionist, Jenn Pike Nut-Free/Gluten-Free Granola Bars 2-Cups Organic Oats 2/3-Cups Organic Coconut Sugar 1-Cup Gluten Free Flour (I use coconut flour) 1/2-tsp Baking Soda (I … More RECIPE: Gluten-free/nut-free Granola


We often spend our time in the past or future, worrying about what might happen or what has happened. Being mindful in the present moment is where all the power is. What is happening right now? Then why are you worrying about the other thing?