What inspires you?

Inspiration. Such a simple word yet one with so much complexity. In business, specifically being an independent contractor such as a real estate agent, we must be constantly reminded of what inspires us. What keeps us going? What propels us to move past the ‘No’s” and continue on with our daily prospecting? I recently wrote … More What inspires you?


We often spend our time in the past or future, worrying about what might happen or what has happened. Being mindful in the present moment is where all the power is. What is happening right now? Then why are you worrying about the other thing?

Thoughts become things

Every thought we create becomes something. Good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people. We are not victims nor are we victorious. We are thought makers. True empowerment comes when we realize that we co-create how our life unfolds. Thoughts become things…

Is it an end, or a beginning? It’s all about perspective

We speak about endings with such finality, that sometimes it blurs our vision of seeing the gift of new beginnings.   Every experience we live is a mere chapter from the story of our life.  As one chapter ends, a new one begins.  That is life. I know this much for sure.  That when it … More Is it an end, or a beginning? It’s all about perspective